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Abiding Life

Some of the Courses Offered at A.C.T.S.
(subject to change)

Theology Program One

TH-101 From Faith to Faith
TH-102 Righteousness & New Creation Realities
TH-103 - The Glorious Gospel of Grace 
TH-104 Christian Sabbath & Spiritual Rest
TH-105 Healing, Health, & Wholeness
TH-106 Scriptural Prosperity & Finances
TH-107 Perfect Protection Promises
TH-108 Divine Direction & Destiny

TH-109 New Testament Survey
TH-110 Romans Chapter Eight
MP-100 Ministry Practicum, Level One

(30 credit hours granted for completing ten course of Program One)

Theology Program Two 
TH-201 The Life & Ministry of Jesus
TH-202 The Early Church (AD 30-1000)
TH-203 First Principles of the Oracles of God
TH-204 The Teachings of Jesus
TH-205 The Protestant Reformation (AD 1000-1600)
TH-206 The Contemporary Charismatic Christian Church
TH-207 The Parables of Jesus
TH-208 The Modern Church (AD 1600-Today)
TH-209 Character, Nature, and Names of God
TH-210 The Book of Acts
TH-211 The Book of Hebrews 
MP-200 Ministry Practicum Credit
(30 credit hours granted for completing at least 10 courses of Program Two)

Theology Program Three
TH-301 Old Testament Survey I - The Pentetauch
TH-302 Old Testament Survey II - Old Testament History
TH-303 Old Testament Survey III - Books of Poetry, Wisdom, & the Prophetic
TH-304 The Truth about the Holy Spirit
TH-305 Character and Ethics
TH-306 Spiritual Gifts
TH-307 The Sermon on the Mount
TH-308 Jesus in the Old Testament
TH-309 Ministry Gifts and Church Government
TH-310 The Fruit of the Spirit
TH-311 The Book of Romans
MP-300 Ministry Practicum, Level III 

(30 credit hours granted for completing 10 of the above courses from Program Three)

Theology Program Four
TH-401 The Book of Proverbs
TH-402 Faith Therapy
TH-403 First Century Christianity
TH-404 Book of First Corinthians
TH-405 Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs
TH-406 Marriage & Family Issues
TH-407  Homiletics
TH-408 Introduction to Hermeneutics and Apologetics
TH-409 Angelology, Anthropology, and Hamartiology
TH-410 Revelation & Eschatology
TH-411 Heart Physics
MP-400 Ministry Practicum, Level IV
(30 credit hours granted for completing 10 of the courses in Program Four)

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