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(Suggested donation $12) This book answers several basic questions that people have asked about the Holy Spirit Baptism and Speaking in Tongues, including explaining exactly what it is and how to receive it. It reveals from Scripture fifteen reasons you should want this blessing to be active in your life daily. Whether you’ve ever spoken in tongues or not, this book should spark an interest in the subject within anyone who reads it. You may know people who have been born-again but haven't yet received the Holy Spirit baptism. Perhaps this book could help them along that journey. You probably know other Spirit-baptized Christians who haven't spoken in tongues for years, or at least do so very rarely. This book will be an encouragement to spend more time in His Presence this way. This book is available at Abiding Life Grace & Faith Church and

Ken Miller - I Give You My All!
Ken Miller - I Give You My All!

Suggested Donation: $10.00

This CD is a collection of ten original songs written and performed by Ken Miller. These songs were written from the late 70s to the early 90s and reflect his hunger for intimacy with God. This recording was done in the mid 90s at BBB Recording Studio in Arbutus, MD. Ken Miller plays Rhythm Guitar and Robert Bearden plays all the other musical instruments and does background vocals.

1) I Give You my All
2) Walkin in the Spirit
3) In the Still of the Night
4) Jesus is Solid Rock
5) This isn't the End
6) Jesus will be There
7) I Want to Follow
8) Sing a New Song
9) Light, Life, and Love
10) What have I to Gain?


(Details coming soon)

(Details coming Soon)

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